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Smart matching

We find that attraction is mostly in the eye of the beholder and that the attraction between two potential partners has a tendency to be mutual. This helps you match people with your area or country. All you get to having a good experience with G5date.com.

Seach Filters

You will find complex search algorithm and filters. All you have to do is following your gut and your heart! You will find complex search algorithm and filters, where you can filter the Location (cities, Country), Gender (Woman or Man) and Age. All you must do is to follow your gut and your heart!

Private messaging

Private Messaging.

Private form of messaging between different members on a given platform. It is only seen and accessible by the user joining in the message. Here you can communicate back and forth with any member of your choice privately.


Photos and Videos

First sight says a great deal about a person. On G5date you have got to experience the feature of uploading different photos and videos so that you  present your true self.